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Wednesday, 23 September 2015HANDBIN


Sunday, 07 April 2013HANDBIN
Everybody loves a good Entablature -they make everything, well, grander- but all those puritanical architects have left most of us living in homes that can barely lay claim to a centimeter or two of piddling plaster cornice, or -horror- nothing at all.

You can buy your own Entablatower in blue, green, white, black gloss & matte, and yellow HERE


With Entablatower you can reset the architectural balance in any room by introducing a veritable little Campanile of ornamentation, an intensely sculpted collection of forms that whilst holding pens and suchlike, acts like an architectural air freshener radiating out an aura of richness and grandeur into the decoratively deprived room in which it is placed.

You can buy your own Entablatower in blue, green, white, black gloss & matte, and yellow.


Fan Mug

Sunday, 10 March 2013HANDBIN
With the Fan Mug you can have two of the greatest innovations ever to have been developed on the British isles come together -for your delight and delectation- at the breakfast table.

The glorious Gothic fan vaults of old here upturned, are the celebratory framework in which the great gift of the morning brew is elevated to positively ecclesiastical heights in its own inverted cathedral. Standing on five sturdy buttresses, these heavenly vaults will dutifully serve your profane morning proclivities with robust fortitude.

You can buy your own Fan Mug in blue, green, white, black gloss & matte, and yellow HERE


1st Floor Mug

Saturday, 16 February 2013HANDBIN

In the grand manner of the very best salons of old, this mug is raised up on an arcade so that it may occupy the airy summit of its own 'Piano Nobile'. Elevated above the common detritus of your breakfast table, this dining item elegantly maintains the dignified sanctity of your morning brew.

You can buy your own 1st Floor Mug in blue, green, white, black gloss & matte, and yellow HERE


Ionic Assemblage

Saturday, 09 February 2013HANDBIN
A small piece of architectural ceramic art for your home, a veritable little Greek ruin for guests to discover, and which -handily- you can also put things in.

Like elegant classical architecture but don't have space for an Ionic temple in your home? Well don't worry, with Ionic Assemblage you can get all a temple's best bits in no more than 18 by 12 cm, sized to fit onto and adorn any domestic shelf.

You can purchase one in a variety of colours HERE, but -of course- I recommend you follow Johann Joachim Winckelmann on this one and plump for white.



Saturday, 19 January 2013HANDBIN
A small piece of Roman infrastructure for your bathroom, that with miniaturized monumentality clears the underside of your soap of its suds, which -because the vaults underneath are arranged on an incline- drain neatly out their very own celebratory archways.

The Soapaduct shown in these photos is in white Glazed Ceramic, but you can get one in black, yellow, blue and green as well HERE.


Fan Mug Tall

Sunday, 13 January 2013HANDBIN

A 16cm high clasp mug whose interior is formed by five miniature, upturned Fan Vaults (an English Gothic innovation from the 14th Century), contained within a simple circular exterior which opens up with five triangular cuts at the base to reveal the complex geometry underneath.

As you drink, and the top of your tea (or coffee) descends, the changing geometric section through the mug is brought into sharp, ornamental relief.

You can buy one or more in white, black, yellow, green or blue HERE



Sunday, 23 December 2012HANDBIN

Colonnade Vase

Sunday, 09 December 2012HANDBIN
A 3D Printed, glazed & fired, circular ceramic vase with a colonnade in-the-round at its base. At the centre of the colonnade is a 'well' whose top sticks up into the cavity of the vase above, providing a deep receptacle for the stems of a couple of flowers, holding them upright in such a way that they do not lean on the rim of the vase.

You can buy one in white, black, yellow, green or blue HERE


^Section through a vase, with the Well in the middle, wrapped in the colonnade below and vase walls above.



Friday, 20 July 2012HANDBIN

A tiny tempietto with an Emerald dome, for keeping something very important scrolled-up inside. for more pics and a film click here


Nottingham Waterside

Saturday, 21 April 2012HANDBIN

A film made at Ash Sakula together with Marialena Kassimidi and Cany Ash, about two 1920s waterside warehouses. Treating the combination of them and the natural features of the site as the starting point for transforming the area into the heart of a new neighbourhood, the animation charts the principles of the design proposal, the phased masterplan, and the life, events, activities, businesses and programs that are at its heart.


The film is part of a series of projects by Ash Sakula exploring the idea of Adaptable Neighbourhoods (incremental regeneration, in nottingham at the architectural scale), with other projects being Leicester Waterside Adaptable Neighbourhood (at the scale of a whole -extant- neighbourhood, and for which there is a film too), the Canning Town Caravanserai (which is a meanwhile animator of an area waiting for development, see last post), and Leather Lane Stars (injecting energy back into a failing market).