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Lisa & Nour

Atelier Adam Nathaniel Furman

The Lisa (no arms) & Nour (with arms) stackable chairs for Beit Collective reimagine the traditional Lebanese craft of furniture cane weaving known as “Khayzaran”. Embedded in a local cottage and craft industry that is still vigorous and ubiquitous (catering to what has become something of a Lebanese design vernacular) Lisa & Nour combine the shapes and angles of high modern furniture from the glittering days of the post-war jet-set, with a vibrantly colourful and contemporarily patterned deployment of weaving, to create robust pieces that are a fresh but deeply loving and respectful twist on a much cherished tradition. The colourful Khayzaran weave is made from a sustainably sourced, biodegradable material that has brilliant colour whilst also being durable, and ecologically friendly. Made in Beirut. Buy Lisa here, and Nour here

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