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Superfice 01

Atelier Adam Nathaniel Furman

An image that I made in response to a call by TBC collective for new work responding to the theme "Hybrid", and which was published in the fourth issue of the online Journal 12Pages (edited by Beverley Bennett). It is a heavily made-up self-portrait vignette, that is at the same time an architectural capriccio, and a rather histrionic still-life tableau. The scene is made out of paper models, whose textures were drawn on computer. The scene was then photographed, which in turn was then reworked in photoshop, and drawn on to create a candy-coloured, altar-like appearance, fitting the composition of the objects in the scene.
Below I've included the paper cut-out templates, of the Peacock Spoon (the standard ikea tea-spoon slotting in at the base), and of the Facebox, and the SharpRoom.

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