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1st Floor Mugs

In the grand classical manner of the very best salons of old, this mug is raised up on a vaulted arcade so that it may occupy the airy summit of its own 'Piano Nobile'. Elevated above the common detritus of your breakfast table, this dining item elegantly maintains the dignified sanctity of your morning brew.

These are coaster-less mugs, so you never have to worry about those nasty circular stains on your gorgeous table.

You can buy them at KIOSK NC1, they ship internationally

-shortlisted for the Blueprint Award for Product Design 2018

 All photos by Yeshen Venema




1st Floor Mugs have been featured in the Guardian, Architect's Newspaper, Metropolis Magazine, and elsewhere


As you finish your brew, the tops of your mug's vaults are slowly revealed; and when you stir, the spoon ting-a-lings to the sound of your little ceramic architecture.