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A collection of three pieces of furniture made in collaboration with the innovative Glasgow-based surface company Mirrl

The Hitotsume-kozō collection was borne of Harlow (Mirrl) and Furman’s shared passion for beautiful and affordable functional objects which are playful, joyous and arresting. Both Furman & Harlow are fascinated with the material techniques and culture of Japan, and while Mirrl's layering of resin echoes Japanese tsugaru laquerwork, which Simon studied when living there, the title and inspiration of the collection come from the Japanese folk tale of the Hitotsume-kozo, a naughty one-eyed spirit-boy who ambushes and purportedly licks (indeed!) passers-by in the dead of night, a tale told to Furman when he was a child by his grandmother. A special set of camp, cementicious-like colour mixes of Mirrl's solid surfacing was developed especially for the project and called Gaycrete.

The pieces are individually handmade in Glasgow to order and available to purchase direct from Mirrl

Photos by Johnny Barrington