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A 2018 commission for Pullman Hotels & Resorts, together with Wallpaper* Magazine, to create three new graphical artworks in creative conversation with the company ethos and identity, to be used across the brand's locations around the world, from use as two dimensionall graphics, to the decoration of 3 dimensional objects, as well as the creation of thrilling new interior spaces.Tramadol online The full range of products is available to purchase worldwide from January 2019


^GLOBAL ROTATIONS & ^a pattern that was part of the creative dialogue that developed towards the final three artworks

I started out working on all three of them with the aim of having a clear, simple, and always discernible, underlying diagram that relates powerfully to the brand, but then through a series of simple geometrical and chromatic transformations, to take that diagram, and the graphical principles of Pullman's company aesthetic, and metamorphose them into something a touch kaleidoscopic, graphical schemes that hint at the diversity and ebullience of all the locations the brand has hotels in. Each of the three takes the Pullman circle, representing the globe, the Pullman stripes, representing the complementary opposites of work and play, and adds the triangle, representing peak performance, and dynamic diagonals, representing the thrilling juxtaposition of different locations and peoples, with these all being organised as a striking hieroglyphic in Cosmopolitan Totem. Totem has the centrality, and strange hieratic, ritualistic composition of ancient religious symbols, recalling in neon the forms of prehistoric cultures around the globe. This is an energetic mandala for the pan-cultural cosmopolitan. Global rotations takes the Pullman circle and stripes, and multiplies them into a flag-like field of locations, an interconnected network of little worlds, each of which are rotated to different degrees, generating a simultaneously unified, but highly diverse graphical landscape, made to zing with a staccato use of complementary colours. This is a flag for a networked world of uniquely singular cities. Workplay Walkway recalls the rows of clocks that used to adorn the lobby walls of international hotels in the glamorous early days of the jet-set era, the sign of a world that was growing thrillingly connected and accessible, reconstituting it as a marching pattern that incorporates dynamic diagonals, and is organised in a sparklingly encrusted version of the Pullman stripes, a dynamic linear pattern for a colourful 21st century, for the contemporary traveller looking for a bright and differentiated world.